Akufo-Addo opposes wholesale review of  1992 constitution

 Story: Kwabena Akyeana

President  Nana Addo Dankwa Nana Akufo-Addo has reiterated his stance against a wholesale amendment of the 1992 Constitution.

There have been calls in recent times particularly from civil society organizations for an amendment of the 1992 constitution 30 years on since it came into force.

But speaking on behalf of the President at the 2023 edition of the GIMPA Law Conference, Deputy Attorney General Alfred Tuah-Yeboah touted the achievements of the 1992 constitution stating that it has contributed to a long-lasting constitutional rule since its adoption.

“Today, we can all boldly say that it was the right decision to adopt this constitution, and despite whatever misgivings we may have about this constitution, it is not in doubt that it has made a significant impact on our lives as a people. We must also look forward to charting a course for the future that builds our successes while at the same time addressing our excesses.”

“Fellow Ghanaians, let us remember that our constitution is still young and in its incipient stage, compared to other advanced democracies.”

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the National Commission on Civic Education, Kathleen Addy, says the country risks being disappointed if it bangs its hopes on constitutional amendments to solve challenges confronting it.

“It is indisputable that we live in a time of restlessness and discontent with a unanimous clamour for constitutional amendments that will solve all our problems so by all means let us amend the constitution if we must. However, let us also make sure that the amendments also cure the ills we seek to eradicate,” she added.

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