Akufo-Addo applauds contesting parties in Kumawu by-election

Story: Yaw Takyi

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has congratulated the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the National Democratic Congress(NDC), and the two independent candidates for a peaceful and transparent by-election in Kumawu in the Ashanti Region.

Mr Akufo-Addo also applauded the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission for maintaining its tradition of organizing “the best elections in the 4th Republic.”

The NPP Ernest Anim polled 15,264 votes in Tuesday’s election to beat the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate, Kwasi Amankwaa, and the two Independent Candidates, both of whom are called Kwaku Duah.

The NDC’s Kwasi Amankwaa garnered 3,723 votes while Kwaku Duah (1) had 2,478 votes with the other Kwaku Duah managing a paltry 62 votes.

“I congratulate warmly the people of Kumawu on conducting a peaceful, credible, and transparent by-election, on 23rd May 2023, to elect their new Member of Parliament, which has given another big boost to Ghanaian democracy.

“I congratulate further the NPP, NDC, and the two independent candidates for their contribution to this positive outcome. I congratulate, also, the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission for maintaining its tradition of organizing the best elections in the 4th Republic.

“Finally, I congratulate Ernest Yaw Anim, the NPP parliamentary candidate, for his 71% emphatic victory in the by-election. He, and the national, regional, constituency, and polling station executives and party workers of the NPP are to be strongly commended for their outstanding work, which has brought about this excellent result, recording one of the highest turnouts in a by-election in the history of the 4th Republic. I am confident that he will make an effective representative of the people of Kumawu in Parliament. The elephant continues to be on the march.

“God bless Ernest Yaw Anim, the people of Kumawu, and Ghanaian democracy, and may God bless us all, and our homeland Ghana, and make her great and strong.”

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