Afua Asantewaa kicks off attempt to break Guinness World Record Sing-a-thon

Story: Entertainment Desk 

Ghana’s Afua Asantewaa kicked off her attempt to break the record for the longest individual singing marathon at Akwaaba Village at the airport.

The Ghanaian singer is expected to break the longest singing marathon by an individual which lasted 102 hours. The record is held by Indian Sunil Waghmare, who earned the milestone after singing for 105 hours from March 3 to March 7, 2012.

In a nearly five-day event that started exactly at midnight from today, Sunday, December 24 to December 27, 2023, she began with OSIBISA’s ‘WOYAYA’ and followed with two gospel songs.

Unlike music shows, she cannot jam to the songs like musicians do; she cannot hum the songs, and there will be no drumming either.

The event is expected to attract thousands of music lovers and well-wishers to Akwaaba Village in solidarity with their compatriots and to also be part of history-making.


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