Adisadel College suspends students involved in violent assault

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The headmaster of Adisadel College has issued a response following the emergence of a disturbing video showing a violent assault on a student within the school premises.

In the viral video, one student can be seen locking the arms of the victim and forcefully hitting his face against a metal bed, resulting in profuse bleeding below the victim’s right eye.

The incident, which came to light through the viral video, has sparked outrage and concerns among parents, students, and the general public.

According to a brief statement reportedly coming from the headmaster through the chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the school, the incident occurred on June 30, but both the perpetrator and the victim initially kept it hidden from the authorities.

The statement disclosed that both the culprit responsible for the assault and the victim have been sent home, with the victim expected to write his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) from the West African Examinations Council’s (WAEC) center.

Additionally, the student who filmed the distressing incident will face a one-week external suspension as a consequence of his involvement in the incident.

“The housemaster and his co will be suspended immediately, pending the outcome of this video (act) by GES,” the brief added.

The assault and the subsequent sharing of the video on social media have raised serious concerns about the safety and welfare of students within the school community

Parents and guardians are demanding a thorough investigation into the incident and seeking assurance that such acts of violence will not be tolerated in the future.

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