Addo’s bastardised Christianity and criminal governance

By: Nana Frema Busia

President Akufo – Addo is not in charge although he  has “Absolute” corrupt,  greedy power  sanctioned by  the  Constitution  which needs critical amendment.

He has become Obsolete  and abdicated to a devious   Ken Ofori Attah, who is a dangerous threat to the economy and livelihoods operating like a demon in a white shirt  while Mr. President is  enjoying the ceremonial trappings in the country they have bankrupted.

President Akufo -Addo  has demonstrated  that he has no empathy, no concrete vision  or strategic competence or commitment to  accountable nation building  and no genuine leadership skills.

The debt exchange “haircut”  is not  constructive , it is a destructive,  conscienceless  illegality  and  compulsive mass thievery.

Both the President and his Finance Minister belong in jail also  for institutionalising   criminal governance in the construction of the deceptively Private “Addo-DanquahTourism cathedral” they are calling the National cathedral  while causing financial loss to the state in veiled thievery of unsanctioned state funds  and  demolition of  prime state and private  properties

Meanwhile the Special Prosecutor’s office is a sham without appropriate authority or independence or resources and is not in a position to investigate the Presidency of which  the finance minister is integral by “presidential fiat”

The Akufo Addo Governance is  based on bastardized christianity. They are doing wicked Self – Service rather than firm  Sacrificial  Godly leadership . They are not using divine fatherly love as instructive of policy which the country needs.

They  came to Power as wolves in sheep clothing with deception  and  lies  using the name of God  in vain, claiming the battle is the Lords.

Meanwhile  Ghanaian christians including  some Mega Pastors , are  following blindly without  Holy Spirit  Discernment.   Are they a  deceived so called elect  oblivious to a  cover up  demonic  cathedral at the apex of hypocrisy where wickedness rules with a dangerous bunch who do not understand they have failed so abysmally?

Ken Ofori Attah should be mandated by the corrosive and colusive partisan  Parliament to do a comprehensive cost and revenue analysis of every penny he has borrowed which they approved to be subjected to an independent audit .

Ken Ofori Attah should also be stopped from being the  default President no one voted for practising a dictatorship by proxy and being of nuisance and  retrogressive  value to the  good governance  they promised.

Ghana is in a  Self-inflicted crisis with  hoodlums  in charge practising crooked governance with all systems broken.

This is Akufo Addo Government in a nutshell.

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