Abokobi-Boi residents cry over poor road

Story: Cecilia Essumang,  Journalism student, (UNIMAC- GIJ)

Residents of Abokobi-Boi, a suburb of the Ga-East municipality are grappling with deteriorating road conditions, causing inconvenience and frustration for both commuters and businesses in the area.

The once smooth and well-maintained roads in Abokobi-Boi Electoral area have now become riddled with potholes, making it extremely difficult for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to traverse the area.

The poor road conditions have also resulted in increased transportation costs and delays, as vehicles often get stuck in the potholes, causing damage to their tires and suspensions.

Moses Dowuona, who has been serving as the assemblyman for Abokobi-Boi electoral area for over two years, expressed his concern about the deteriorating road conditions and the negative impact it is having on the lives of the residents and businesses in the area.

“The roads in Abokobi-Boi have become a nightmare for our community,” said Moses Dowuona.

“Commuters face daily challenges of navigating through potholes and mud, resulting in damage to their vehicles and increased transportation costs. It is also affecting businesses in the area, as it becomes difficult for goods and services to be transported smoothly”, he added.

Some drivers also complained about the muddy and slippery nature of the roads whenever it rained, making it difficult for them to move to their destinations.

“We have been appealing to the government to come to our aid and fix the roads in Abokobi-Boi,” said Honorable Moses Dowuona. “As the elected assemblyman, I have raised the concerns of the residents and businesses in the area with the appropriate authorities, but so far, no action has been taken. The poor road conditions are affecting our daily lives, and we need urgent intervention”, he said.

Some residents also expressed their frustration with the situation. Many have reported increased transportation costs, damage to their vehicles, and delays in getting to their destinations. They are hopeful that the government will heed their calls and take swift action to fix the roads.

“We are really suffering due to the bad state of the roads ” said a resident, Mr. Samuel Akwetey. “The potholes are causing damage to our vehicles, and it’s becoming very expensive to commute to work or transport goods. We are pleading with the government to prioritize our roads and come to our aid.”

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