A Great Tree Has Fallen: Osahene Boakye Djan died yesterday 30 August 2023

Osahene incurred the wrath of a significant section of the Ghanaian elite for not taking on effective leadership during the June 4th 1979 uprising and instead got Rawlings out of “jail” to assume leadership. Osahene has never been forgiven but what we forget is that without Osahene and Baah-Achamfuor there could not have been a Third Republic with Dr. Hilla Limann as the democratically elected president, installed on 24 September 1979, on the very birthday of Osahene for history not to forget this singular strategic manoeuvre against all odds. During the intervening June 4th period a powerful vested interest had coalesced around Rawlings as the “midnight advisors” who often overturned the collective decisions of the AFRC. This cabal who came to be identified as the “Dzelukope Ajovial Mafia” embodied the surviving members of the group who had collaborated with the CIA to overthrow the First Republic led by Nkrumah and the CPP.

And it took Rawlings, whose avowed heroes were Kotoka and Harlley ( who overthrew Nkrumah, Osahene’s avowed hero ) to overthrow the Nkrumaist PNP government of Limann on 31st December 1981.

In my estimation two watersheds have hit Ghana which Ghana has not been able to recover from. The watersheds of 24th February 1966 and that of 31st December 1981.  To me it is not a coincidence that both the NLC and PNDC became “the darlings” of the World Bank, IMF and US Treasury. It is precisely because of how the (P)NDC systematically”divested” Ghana of the industrial manufacturing and agricultural assets the Nkrumah generation built and bequeathed that compels me to describe the NDC as Nkrumaism Demolition Congress. Who in their right minds, as loyal Ghanaians, would destroy the source of employment, wealth and capital generation accumulation to plunge a nation into a permanent state of unemployment, inflation, debt-trap and under-development? Did the NKrumah generation not lift up Ghana on the pedestal cylinders of WORK AND HAPPINESS? Under the rule of the Dukadaya Mafioso Cabals and their criminal entrepreneurial cartels, am I allowed to ask, “Where is the work and the happiness”? What we have is a 4th Republic of “create, loot and share for family and friends” at the expense of the rest of society. And as I kept repeating to Osahene, this is what happens when governance becomes a syndicated joint-criminal enterprise of the few, for the few and to the glory of the few. Ours has become a state of Executive, Legislative and Judiciary PERFIDY of  Ebiteyie Ebinteyie as the looting and licentiousness continue with impunity and arrogance.

Osahene lived with and died with the pain of what he saw as betrayal of the “total liberation and unification of Africa” objectives of the Free Africa Movement which he had, at great risk, initiated within the armed forces of Ghana. Osahene would exclaim to me that: “Nana, the bastard bastardised our long-term objectives of a liberated Ghana as the stepping stone for a Free Africa.”

 A Great Tree Has Fallen and my heart is flying at half mast in salute and respect.


Osahene supported The Call I issued earlier this year to the Prelates of ALL FAITHS to come together at a roundtable to dialogue, mediate and act on the urgency of “Cleansing Our Father’s House” of corruption, tribalism and sexism that have afflicted our nation that prides itself as dominated by those of the Abrahamic faiths with Christians proportionately controlling and directing the wheels of government. My CALL is for the Prelates to assume the responsibility of removing this nation wrecking governance dissonance. And Osahene agreed with me and helped me to frame the call.

Osahene advised me to make a similar Call to the Kings, Chiefs and Queenmothers of the land to join forces with religious leaders and the youth to organise and mobilise to rescue Ghana from the corrupt and corrupting hands and minds of the Dukadaya ruling Mafioso Cabals. And what is so sad and painful is that the A LOOTING starts with every election cycle musical chairs euphoria to create a new class of “nouveau riche” at the expense of the voting public. “Create, loot and share” has become the culture and signature of the Dukadaya neocolonial 4th Republic where looting continues.

It is in the national interest to organise and mobilise to expose, oppose and depose the state and spate of A LOOTING CONTINUA which is oppressing the Ebinteyie. Our national motto enjoins us to stand up and resist oppressors’ rule.

The ruling Dukadaya Mafioso Cabals have become a security threat to the national interest, stability and equality of opportunity. It is our inalienable right to resist and remove oppressors’ rule. GHANA DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE A NEOCOLONY of the very United States and its NATO allies and Israel who combined their security and intelligence to destabilise and eventually overthrow the Nkrumah regime with the assistance of local “assets”. How can we bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich while the ruling Dukadaya Mafioso Cabals divest and  sell out our lithium, oil, gas, gold, manganese, bauxite and ocean fishing rights to companies of the very nations who have undermined our economic independence, development and growth by precipitating the watershed of 24th February 1966?

Please, what is it that will stir up internationally recognised and respected economist, Kwame Pianim, to describe Ghana as a “neocolony”?

Osahene died in pain over the state of A LOOTING CONTINUA. His pain must not be in vain.



 Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, Independent Consultant on Preventive Diplomacy, Peacebuilding and National Development. As the Special Envoy of International Alert, he helped to facilitate an end to the civil wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone at great personal risk with the strategic input of Osahene, Lt. General Joshua Hamidu and Lord Eric Avebury.

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