W/R youth go wild over bad roads


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Angry youth of Benchemaa-Nkwanta, Sefwi-Asempaneye and Oseikojokrom, three farming communities in the Juaboso and Bia West Districts of the Western Region, have threatened not to partake in the December 7, 2016 polls if the Mahama-led NDC government fails to fix their roads.

Fuming with anger, the youth gave NDC government a two-week ultimatum to tar  their access roads, stressing that government’s failure to work on their roads will compel them to block the roads to vehicular traffic and declare a ‘three-month [period] of communal labour’ to fix the roads themselves with the help of manual tools.

Addressing a press conference at Benchemaa-Nkwanta yesterday, Convener for Benchemaa-Nkwanta Youth Association, Mr. Kwaku Asamoah, on behalf of the youth, explained that the roads linking the three communities to the Western regional capital, Takoradi, were the worst road networks in the region.

He further indicated that they feel much neglected by the NDC government.

“We have made several attempts to bring government’s attention to our plight. Our youth organised demonstrations and sent petitions to no avail. Tension is gradually mounting among our youth over the seemingly neglect of our roads whilst some other roads in the municipality are being fixed with enthusiasm ahead of the December 7 polls.

“We are therefore, praying that some work starts on our roads in two weeks, if not, we will block the roads and declare three months of communal labour to fix our roads,” he warned.

Mr. Asamoah also emphasised that “during this period, we will ban any political activity in the traditional areas to ensure that our people remain focused and committed to the work on the roads. Should any political party take the risk and come here, we can’t guarantee their safety.”

The bad road networks in these communities in the region, the angry youth lamented, makes the commercial drivers spend heavily on spare parts, saying that a journey from Benchemaa-Nkwanta to Oseikojokrom that is supposed to take “only one hour now takes us six hours to get to our destinations.”

The aggrieved stated that they have no option than to declare “No Road, No Vote” since all efforts to get their grievances addressed by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) have proven futile.

“We have been lied to for decades; we have now learned our lessons. We say No Road, No Vote,” Mr. Asamoah noted.

According to them, the undeniable fact is that every geographical location in this country is expected to benefit from its fair share of the national cake; sadly the situation is not so for indigenes of Benchemaa and Oseikojokrom and their environs.

They pointed out that despite cocoa, timber and food crops that is being pumped up from the place to support the mainstay of the Ghanaian economy, “we are the most  unnoticed, concealed, obscured, nationally disguised and undocumented when it comes to infrastructure development in Ghana.”

Since time immemorial, they lamented that the road network from Benchemaa to Oseikojokrom has been neglected by successive governments amidst the cocoa, timber and food crops that are being transported daily from the area.

“There has been several calls on the various government functionaries to listen to the cries of the people but all to no avail until recently the Mahama-led NDC government instructed a constructor to work on the road from Benchemaa to Oseikojokrom only for the contractor to halt work.”


Source: Ghana/todaygh.com/Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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