Windstorm Wreak Havoc on School.

Good shepherd Primary School, Effia-kuma in Takoradi has been left damaged after a windstorm hit the community.

Classrooms were destroyed as the wind blew off the roofs and some walls in the classrooms had collapsed.

According to Madam Vera Opoku, a teacher of the school, “Some classroom walls had completely collapsed while others had their roofs carried away. We do not have any books as they were all destroyed by the storm. ”

“School activities have lessened since we are forced to teach students under tents and on church premises. Some pupils don’t even come to school anymore. This has impacted negatively on academic performance.” She added.

Madam Opoku also revealed that some students complained of back ache and heat since they had to sit on the floor during classes.

“We make a passionate plea to Government to come to our aid.” She concluded.

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