Wilmar Africa re-launches Frytol Oil


Wilmer Africa has re-launched its household brand, Frytol Oil, onto the market with a call on Ghanaians to patronise it.

 Frytol, which is Ghana’s most predominant oil brand and refined vegetable oil on the market, is cholesterol free, which is good for human consumption.


Managing Director of Wilmar Africa, Kwame Wiafe, said the re-launch is to reconnect with the younger generation, and also clear some negative perception out there that the brand frytol was full of cholesterol.


He stated the fact that frytol is a vegetable oil (plant base oil), that is refined through mechanical process, without adding any chemical during the manufacturing processing.


Mr Wiafe stated that frytol oil consumers were buying from the market contained some health benefits, such as completely cholesterol free, with 0.1% acceptable and manageable fat content, fortified with vitamin A, which is good for our health.


“One good thing about frytol oil is its freshness and numerous health benefits,” he noted.


He also revealed they were offering significant value to their consumers in terms of freshness and safety, and also offering products right from the plant, refined and to the market.


“Other imported oil get into the Ghanaian market after 6 months of freshness, however, frytol cooking oil is straight from the farm to the plant refinery and straight to the market in 2 weeks,” he disclosed.


He said Wilmer Africa dominates about 30% of Ghana’s oil palm plantation sector, 3000 direct employment, 2000 for the plantation, and 1500 at the plant here in Tema, and with a refinery capacity of 1000 metric tons on daily basis.


Head of Food Industrial Support Services Department of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Kofi Edsel, said if Ghanaians want to be nutritionally conscious, then they should consume vegetable oil.


He stated that the fact that vegetable oil do not contain cholesterol, however, cautioned Ghanaians to consume it in moderation.


Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Frank Serebour, who made a presentation on cholesterol, disclosed that 25% of cholesterol was from the food “we eat, while 75% was produced by the body.”


According to him, plant cholesterol was safer than animal source, and, therefore, advised Ghanaians to cut down their cholesterol intake, eat healthy diet, and exercise regularly.


Dr Serebour stated that Ghanaians should consume vegetable oil, which contains health benefits like vitamin A, or fortified with vitamin A, and cholesterol free like frytol oil to boost their immune system.



Story: From Na-illatu IDDRISU-SIKA, TEMA

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