So whose responsibility is it to fix our faulty traffic lights?

IT is sad how some of our state institutions go about their businesses.  In some cases, these state institutions whose workers are paid by the Ghanaian taxpayer feel they are doing us a favour instead of working for the good and larger interest of this country.

IN some extreme cases they wait for a calamity to happen before they put their acts together to address a matter that required an urgent attention of the powers-that-be but which was ignored by them.

BUT Today knows that one thing is clear: workers of state institutions are there to serve our interest.  Thus the issue of them doing us a favour does not come in at all.

AS a matter of fact, it is the primary goal of every central government to protect and improve the wellbeing of its citizenry.  So, therefore, we on this paper ask the question: whose job is to fix the many faulty traffic lights in our regional capitals.

THE issue is even worse and frightening in the national capital, Accra, where a jolly ride on many of our roads would reveal that in between these roads traffic lights, which have been installed to regulate motorists and ensure the safety of commuters and pedestrians are faulty.

UNFORTUNATELY some of these faulty traffic lights have remained like that for loads of months.

AND the day we will see them being fixed perhaps would be after a major accident had occurred at that spot.  The question we ask is: why must we wait for disaster to strike before we act when we could have done something to prevent that calamity?

WE admit that many of the broken traffic lights in town are due to the reckless driving of some of our drivers.  But, then what about the ones that have not been functioning for some months now?

THESE dysfunctional traffic lights continue to claim innocent lives and further spell doom for pedestrians, especially our children.

IT is along this line that the Municipal, Metropolitan and District Assemblies (MMDAs) must collaborate with the Department of Urban Roads to fix dysfunctional and broken down traffic lights in our cities and towns.

AND if for nothing at all, some of our state agencies must understand that they are bound to address some of these problems, which are security threats with a sense of urgency to save lives.

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