We’II touch more lives in Ghana – MTN Heroes of Change Season IV nominees declare

This weekend as usual the MTN Heroes of Change Season IV will be telecast live on many TV stations across the country. 

And three personalities who have been nominated among the ten finalists of the MTN Heroes of Change Season IV have all indicated their commitment to fashion out practicable ways to keep on shining, and touching more lives in the country.

They are Professional Teacher, Mr Linat Osman Kundaribuo, Evangelist Naomi Esi Arku Amoah and Mr Emmanuel Annobil.

Sharing his story in an interview with journalists, Mr Kundaribuo noted that what motivated him to establish the Teen Mum Project was to improve the welfare of teen moms.


According to Mr Kundaribuo, who hails from Wa in the Upper West Region, he once saw a 16-year-old girl lay in her own blood after delivering and could not afford menstrual pad.

“I quickly got her some from the nearest supermarket. I then asked her why this situation and she replied:

“I gave birth at the age of 25, had a man to help cater for the kid but what I went through was not easy. I was wondering what the girl was going through at that moment.

Mr Kundaribuo, who is also the host of a talk show on Wa FM, noted that he had sleepless nights and one day decided to start this teen mum education.

The aim, according to him, was to make sure that young girls knew the consequences in teenage sex and pregnancy and also help put such teen mothers back to school.

He assured to help educate families on girl-child education.

For her part, Mrs Naomi Esi Arku Amoah, a 42-year-old native of Kasoa in the Central Region, said she established the Royal Seed Foundation project with the aim of helping to bring up a needy or homeless child to become a great person in future.

She mentioned that he takes in homeless and needy children and gives them a future, adding that “I have here children from 1-month-old to 22 years who don’t know their families nor can’t trace them.”

According to her, most of them are young kids and babies who were picked up from bushes and refuse dumps and brought to me.

She added that some of those that bring them never show up again to check up on them, saying that he ‘children become my sole responsibilities till they are of working age and are assured of a good future.’

She pointed out that her project has been able to bring 100s of homeless and street children from the streets with proper food to feed on.

“My project has been able to see kids through school, the infants even understand and speak English. It’s a great joy,” she stated.

51-year-old Mr. Emmanuel Annobil, a native of Kaneshie in the Greater Accra Region, who is also a beneficiary of the MTN Heroes of Change Season IV, also shared his story.

According to him, he funded his Mental Health non-governmental organisation (NGO) through personal savings and donations from individuals.

He disclosed that he had a revelation from God through a dream to embark on this project.

He explained that the same revelation was revealed to his ex-wife.

“We both saw ourselves in our dream bathing mentally ill people on the streets. So we both decided to embark on this God-directed mission. I have not relented ever since.”

“My Mental Health NGO is a God-given project where I go to streets to bathe the mentally challenged,” he explained.

He mentioned: “I do this after receiving divine direction. I sometimes go with a team of volunteers to bath them, feed them and clothe them. I offer prayers to them as well.”

He asserted that through some outreach programmes on TV and on the streets, he has been able to at least sensitise the public against mistreating these mentally ill people on the streets.

So far, according to Mr. Annobil, “One case I am very proud of was being able to help a mentally challenged lady to deliver and fully recover. She now sells sachet water to make a living.”




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