Water Takes over Accra after Monday’s downpour

A heavy downpour which started late Monday has led to the destruction of properties and the flooding of most areas in Accra.
In areas like Kaneshie Dansoman and Odorkor, the rains were so severe that it left some residents stranded after their homes were covered in a pool of water.

Some unfortunate drivers were also held up by the rains, with the flooded roads preventing them from driving home safely.

Other motorists were left with no choice than to abandon their vehicles after their cars and motorbikes got choked in the floods.

Also, there were many properties destroyed due to the rain water entering the homes of some people in the capital.

With the water at waist level in some homes, residents began counting theirs loses as they could do nothing to salvage their properties.

The flood waters also washed debris and all kinds of filth unto the streets.

Other areas also had their power supply interrupted due to the destruction of election cables as a result of the accompanying strong winds.

In May 2018, a similar downpour presented a chaotic situation at Dansoman as residents had their planned activities halted by the rains.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned that there will be heavy rainfall this year, especially in the Southern sector.

The Director of Research at the Ghana Metrological Agency, Mr Charles Kweku York, said that this year’s rains would be greater than what was recorded in 2017.

Mr York said “the rains are expected to continue till July”.

“The forecast for the northern part of the country is not available, but for the southern half, we are going to have normal to above normal rainfall, we are going to heavy downpours. So if we don’t do our things right we are going to have floods when our draining systems are all chocked. With the storms, it could rain for between 30 to 45 minutes and it’s over but it’s going to be very busy. And we are going to have rainy days, good rainfall days,” he said.

“The forecast for 2018 is going to be above normal rainfall, for most places in the southern parts of the country. We are going to have a relatively [early] onset and [late] cessation and that is going to give us a long rainy season for 2018. And we don’t envisage having long dry spells in between rainfall events and that is going to have a negative implication on our farming activity. The southern parts are from the Brong Ahafo Region to the coastal regions.”



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