Vienna: Uber back in operation after two-day suspension

Ride-hailing service Uber has resumed operations in Vienna after a two-day suspension to comply with an injunction pending a ruling in a local taxi firm’s lawsuit.

A spokesman for the court in the Austrian capital had said that the injunction required Uber to stop operations until it could ensure orders for rides were booked centrally rather than directly with a driver and that cars would have to be sent from company premises and return between rides.

“Uber is available in Vienna again,” the company’s Austrian unit said on Twitter, providing a link to a longer statement saying it had worked intensively on adapting its processes.

The company later said it had made central order bookings and despatching from company premises a requirement for the local licensed car hire firms it works with.

The case is one in a series of battles that taxi operators have waged across Europe against the U.S. company that they accuse of undermining their businesses.

Source: Reuters

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