VIDEO: I’m against the ‘Winner takes all’ system – Fritz Baffour

Former minister of information under the John Atta Mills administration, Fritz Baffour, has condemned the winner takes all system of government in Ghana, calling for third forces to be involved.

The ‘winner takes all’ is the practice in Ghana where all public or official posts are given to members of a party that wins an election. Many Ghanaians have condemned the practice and called for an end to the system, so that posts would be given to deserving non-party members who can better promote the national interest.

Speaking exclusively on ‘Conversation with Mike Eghan’ on Thursday April 13 Eezy 107.5Fm, Fritz Baffour condemned the practice of ‘Winner Takes All’ system of governance in the country adding that it’s a negative thing despite his political stance.

“I used to be a great fan of the winner takes all but in our time when the NDC was in power, I realised it was wrong especially when the previous British elections came out with the liberal democrats and the conservatives having a coalition.

“I believe that we have to look very seriously at proportional representation so that at least their third forces or other political ideas come in to talk and to say that this is not the way.

“Right now it’s NDC and NPP and they are at each other’s throats and I think it’s a negative thing despite the fact that I’m an NDC man.

“I’m turning towards a proportional representation for us to work at it in a very important way for Ghanaians to be able to have consensus because our whole culture is about consensus”.

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By: Nana Afrane Asante/

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