Is the VGMA encouraging or discouraging our celebrities?

18 years ago, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) was established by Charter House Production to celebrate Ghanaian musicians and since then it has been one of Ghana’s most anticipated and most talked of awards so far.

Most celebrities work hard to gain recognition on a bigger platform on the night of the mentioned awards. From anonymous sources, it has pushed celebrities to work harder throughout these past years with great support from their fans and their votes. But is that the same in this year’s VGMA?

Ghanaians and even some celebrities have stepped out of their way to mock and throw flimsy jokes at some of these stars that worked hard throughout the previous year but could not win any awards. Its said, “May the best man win” but never has it been said that what was directly below best is worst. There’s better and good.

I think all the nominees in the VGMA did equally good in their works and even if that is not the case, I would appeal to Ghanaians to drop the ignorance of discouraging people with teasing videos and unnecessary cartoons degrading the nominees that unfortunately couldn’t grab any awards for themselves and their management.

Ghanaians could do better and make nominees that couldn’t win awards feel equally important as noticed in how the foreigners treat their nominated celebrities in award shows and outside the awards shows.


By Dorothy Bessie Blankson Yorke, Accra

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