Venture into agric —Ga South Best Farmer

2017 Best Farmer for Ga South, Amegah Kofi Avonyo, has called on the numerous jobless youth to venture into agriculture.

This, he explained, was necessary because the Akufo-Addo-led government has proved under its policy of Planting for Food and Jobs that they are ready to promote agriculture in Ghana.

He said that already fertiliser and planting materials have been supplied to farmers across the country making it easier for farmers to do their job.

Mr Amega Avonyo stated this when he invited journalists to his farms to see for themselves the numerous foodstuff and cattle that made him to win the award among other contestants.

He averred that best farmers across the country were ready to support young people who wish to be farmers to make a good living instead of doing menial jobs by teaching them the technique in farming and how to look for money and invest it in agric, adding that farming is difficult but it is profitable when one is serious with it.

However, he enumerated that they also face challenges such as lack of funds, lands, chemicals among others to boost their efforts, calling on government to ensure that such raw materials are always available to enhance their work.

Mr Amega Avonyo, who lives at Danchira in Ga South, Greater Accra Region, noted that sand winners were also disturbing them and making it difficult to get large lands to produce cassava, maize, okra, groundnut, pineapple, and many other crops which he in particular has been producing several years ago at Danchira.

He informed the media that he has since reported the sand winners to the Ngleshi Amanfro police and they have arrested a number of suspects to be put before court soon to deter others from winning sand on farm lands.

Mr Amega Avornyo expressed satisfaction to his wife and children who have helped him over the years on his farms leading to the winning of his award as Best District Farmer, stressing that he will go ahead by the grace of God to win Greater Accra regional farmers awards also next year.

His wife and children also in an interview with the media said that their father was really a hard working man who deserved the award, and that they were not surprised at all when their father’s name was mentioned as the best farmer in Ga South.

He noted that though he didn’t get the opportunity to go to school, but through farming he has educated his children and urged other parents to send their children to school even if after that their wards wish to go into agric.

Assemblyman for Danchra Electoral Area, Hon John Atta Makpaka, commended the best farmer and urged government to deal with sand winners.


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