Van Vicker speaks highly of Africa

International multi-award winning Actor Van Vicker has expressed a valid opinion about the way forward for the African continent to progress.

Speaking at the just-ended All African Music Awards which took place in Ghana, Van Vicker mentioned that he was delighted about the joyful way Africans were represented for the awards.

“Hello it gives me the joy to have all African seated here tonight, joy is what we need, joy gives motivation, motivation can generate results and that’s what we need” he said.
The actor who rocked the stage in a classy outfit designed by Tetteh Plahar, a Ghanaian fashion designer added that when one is happy in life it brings motivation; stressing, “if you are happy with yourself you are motivated to do things and look out for good results”.

According to him, Africa as a continent is tired of all the derogative things being said about it and he believed the programme was the right time to say that Africans do not always have to be looked down upon.

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