Use Sports To Promote Unity —Philanthropist As he organises sports festival for clubs in W/R

An Accra-based Philanthropist, Mr Frederick Adom Obeng, has organised a sports festival for thirty-seven (37) football teams within the various communities in the Western Region, with a call on Ghanaians to use sports as a means to promote unity both at the community and national levels.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Today in Accra, Mr Adom Obeng noted that the event was a tool aimed at promoting education, health, development and peace and also to foster cooperation, solidarity and social inclusion amongst the residents.

“I decided to organise this sports festival which brought my people together to ensure togetherness and oneness with the primary aim of giving back to the people in the community of where I grew up. It focused on behaviour change in communities in the Western Region,” Mr Adom Obeng, who is a native of Adeiso in the Western Region, told Today.

According to him, there was no doubt about the significance of sports as a driving force for peace and development, and an intercultural tool to ensure respect and equal dignity for all tribes, cultures and religions.

Mr Adom Obeng, who is also a social investor committed to advancing international causes through match-making services, asserted that sports activities promotes good health.

He, therefore, stressed the need for educational institutions in the region to use sporting activities to forge unity amongst students.

He said that since sports ensures discipline among competitors and enjoins them to abide by rules of the game, it was necessary for spectators to emulate these good virtues.

He called on the youth to take sports serious by combining it with their academic works.

He said regular participation in sporting activities goes a long way to preventing people from suffering from various diseases that are related to lack of exercise.

The philanthropist advised the participants to stay away from the use of drugs, premarital sex and other social vices so that they can develop to get the status of sportsmen and women.

“It is my plan to develop the educational sector and sports department by supporting with reading materials, classrooms, school buses and incentives for teachers to encourage enrollment, teaching and learning,” Mr Adom Obeng indicated.

He advised the competitors to take the competition serious for them to be selected to represent the region at the Inter-Regional Sports Festival and to exercise self-control to achieve the needed success.



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