US giant MONSANTO: chemical and GMO treat to conceal

MONSANTO is a worldwide US company, which produces GMO and chemicals for farming. The producer itself stimulates the spread of its products and in this sense it is the feature of globalisation. And the fact that the highest yields can be obtained “without chemical” and without GMOs, based on the selection and conventional farming techniques, contrary to the interests of high-tech corporations.

Every year, around the world, dissenters hold demonstrations against the American company- MONSANTO- the most famous producer of genetic corn and hazardous chemicals for farming and ground keeping which spends billions of dollars on lobbying to prevent labeling of GMO food and toxic hazardous in the United States.

The most striking example of such a malicious policy of this transnational corporation is a Roundup lawsuit against MONSANTO Company and the Jury order to pay $289 million to cancer patient. The Superior Court Jury deliberated for two-and-a-half days before finding that a Dewayne Johnson’s lymphoma was due to using glyphosate, the primary ingredient in roundup. The man regularly used glyphosate to spray fields while working as a groundskeeper.

The key countries where MONSANTO conduct its researches in GMO and Chemical sector are Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. The introduction of GMO and hazardous chemicals into Africa is to increase corporate profits. By diverting attention to conversations that proprietary culture created for “good” farmers and hungry people, MONSANTO GMO and chemical industry is trying to pretend that real vested interests and the expansion of MONSANTO corporation in African agriculture have good purposes.

Aggressive promotion of hazardous chemical products to African market – not just a lucrative of this corporation, it’s a US government programme, the purpose of which is to take under control African market of agricultural products and fertilisers. Such initiatives are supported by “Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation,” Department of State and NGO, promoting herbicides.

Coming back to that legal case MONSANTO sued California Officer of Environmental Health Hazard Assessments for adding glyphosate to a list of cancer causing chemicals and lost. Moreover, WHO has classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic.

The mutual and final decision of the Jury was: MONSANTO knew about hazardous chemical and failed to warn of the dangers. Finally, this failure was a substantial factor in causing harm to Johnson.



Article: Kwame MENSAH


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