Uneasy Calm at Zenith Bank Over Ghc3.8m Robbery (Part 1)

Even though the management of the Zenith Bank Ghana has for weeks now refused to respond to our questionnaire on the subject matter, we feel compelled to go ahead with the story in the interest of the general Ghanaian public, especially customers who have found Zenith Bank as a safe haven to keep their cash in the wake of recent banking crisis in Ghana.

Ghananewsonline.com.gh has credible information that a high level and sophisticated robbery has taken place at Zenith Bank Ghana Limited involving a Staff of Mon-Tran Ghana Limited but the issue has been veiled and kept in the dust bin since August 2018.

According to our incontrovertible, a staff of Mon-Tran named Joshua (Surname withheld), who had been sourced to Zenith bank to undertake some core errand duties has stolen a huge amount of money from a Mon-Tran registered and operated Bullion Van after the money was withdrawn from the Kwashieman branch of the bank in Accra.

We gathered that the entire money in the Bullion Van was emptied by Joshua into a waiting car in the presence of a Police Officer (name withheld) who was detailed to guard the Van as well as the driver of the Van.

Shortly after withdrawing the money from the bank, Joshua is alleged to have wittily told the police officer and the driver that he had been directed by his bosses to release the money to the car for security reasons, this the two convincingly agreed to.

After empting the Van full of fresh Ghana Cedi notes and some US Dollars, the three officers – Joshua, the Driver and the Police Officer sat in the Nissan Van. On reaching a point, Joshua received a phone call after which he told the two that he had been called by the driver of the vehicle he emptied the cash into to come for a “tip” (some token for the three of them to share). He asked them to take the lead while he go for the money and that he would join them later in the office.

That was the last time, they saw him and the money amounting to about Ghc3.8 million according to our sources.

It has been over a year now since this robbery incident happened but sources at the Bank of Ghana have told ghananewsonline.com.gh that the Central Bank has not been officially notified of any such robbery at Zenith Bank.
Besides this, we are also well informed that customers of the Bank have also not been notified, and neither are Shareholders of the Bank in the known of this gargantuan robbery. The incident has also not been captured in Zenith Bank’s financial report for the year 2019.

The driver of the Van, who was a staff of Mon-Tran was immediately dismissed as soon as the incident got to the attention of the management of the bank. The police officer guarding the Van was also interdicted for some time but later reinstated after investigations failed to implicate him.

We gathered that prior to the robbery, Joshua the accused had been involved with one of the Vans of Mon-Tran full of cash, but he managed to protect the money with his colleagues and brought it to safety.

However, according to sources within the bank, he was never rewarded for his efforts. It was this that allegedly offended him hence his decision to hit back at them at the detriment of the bank’s customers money.

Support Staff of Mon-Tran working with Zenith Bank Ghana receive a monthly salary of Ghc950 across board even though we have proof that Zenith Bank pays Mon-Tran about GHC2000 a month for each of the 300 support staff. Low motivation, low salary to Support Staff are among the things creating insecurity at the bank, especially when customers’ deposits are highly involved.

At a time some local banks are being collapsed and others filing for bankruptcy over their inability to meet minimum capital, among some weak management issues, it is baffling why Zenith Bank Ghana would want to be opaque with this issue which some have considered to be highly sensitive.
When contacted, the Human Resource Manager of Mon-Tran, Ruby Ampim said her outfit could not answer for Zenith Bank because the issue as she knew it happened at Zenith Bank and not Mon-Tran.

As stated earlier, the Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Henry Oroe, has refused to comment on the issue. Neither he nor the Public Relations Unit of Zenith Bank Ghana has bothered to return our call or answer our well-crafted questionnaire which has been with them for over a month now.

Watch out for the Part 2 of this story plus how three Zenith Bank Staff were sacked for stealing laptops belonging to the company as well as the Bank of Ghana’s official reaction to the issue.

Watch this space.

Source: News Desk

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