Uncle Ebo Whyte confronts false prophecies *With ‘I Want Your Wife’


PROPHECIES, especially the false ones, have become a big talking point around the country. And As a playwright whose medium has been used to address diverse issues, Uncle Ebo Whyte tackles the menace in his latest play, I Want Your Wife.

I Want Your Wife, which came off at the National Theatre on Saturday, July 6 and Sunday, July 7, explores the story of a couple, Ben and Abena who have been married for 10 years.

Their marriage is the envy of their mates because of the bond they share but the 10 years of ‘honeymooning’ is short-lived following a prophecy in church that Abena must leave Ben for Mr Yeboah, a rich business man who by virtue of his wealth holds the position of a deacon.

The church led by the head pastor, forces Ben to leave his wife in obedience to the prophecy by Sister Deborah, the church’s prayer warrior and prophetess, whose prophecies are not toyed with as they come true all the time.

Confused and unhappy with the “instruction” from God to leave his wife for his rich rival, Ben fights with everything within his means to stay with his wife but interestingly, she supports the prophecy.

I Want Your Wife has different twists and turns as the plot develops showing how members in the church have their personal interests in relation to the prophecy.

For instance, Deborah, the prophetess has been a great beneficiary of Mr Yeboah’s largesse and the latter never fails at the least opportunity to rub it in her face.

The head pastor too has an interest in keeping Mr Yeboah in the church so he can continue financing huge projects in the church. As such, even though he knows there is something wrong with the prophecy, he encourages Ben to obey God’s word to annul his marriage.

Two female singers, Sarah and Vera believe the prophecy confirms their visions that they are destined to marry Ben. The revelation had come to them on Ben’s wedding day and they were looking forward to it coming to pass.

I Want Your Wife is not just a hilarious play which sent patrons into fits of laughter but it highlights how the rich are exploiting the church to push their selfish interests and disappointingly, earn the support of church leaders because of their status.

It also teaches Christians to be discerning about prophecies that come to them and not just fall prey to anything attached to Christian doctrines, beliefs and practices.

The characters interpreted their roles well and from the responses from some patrons who spoke with Graphic Showbiz, I Want Your Wife is one of the best productions from Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions.

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