UK attack: Ghana MPs cry for tight security

Ghana’s legislators have reignited their cry for enhanced security in the law-making Chamber and private residences.

According to Starr News’ Parliamentary correspondent, Ibrahim Alhassan, the call comes in the wake of the Westminster terror attacks that has claimed four lives.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament Friday, Effutu MP Alexander Afenyo-Markin argued the legislature is the least protected arm of government in the country.

“The security of this Parliament is as important as the security of the Judiciary and the Executive. As a matter of fact, we have less than 500 police officers providing security for the Judiciary, but for the Executive I can’t tell… if you come to Parliament the situation is different.

“In our House here all manner of individuals come in and go out. I don’t think we have to wait for an unpalatable thing to happen before we take steps. We are aware we lost a member because of some individuals moving into his house.

“Today, MPs need sufficient security and we believe this matter ought to be taken up,” Mr. Afenyo-Markin said on the Floor.

His call was supported by deputy Majority Leader Sarah Adwoa Safo.

“We share similar sentiment that security within Parliament must be tightened… leadership has taken note of those concerns and we’ll work together to ensure it is carried out,” she assured.

Some MPs have been arguing for personal security guards.

World leaders have condemned the recent UK attack including President Akufo-Addo. Commiserating with the British people Thursday, Akufo-Addo said the attack was a “stark reminder of the threat terrorism poses to the world and the duty it imposes on us all to help combat this scourge.”

“I join the rest of the world in condemning the London terror attack, and sympathize with the families of the dead and wounded,” he tweeted.

Police have identified Khalid Masood as the man who carried out the Westminster attack, as the death toll rose to five.

Masood, 52, was born as Adrian Elms in Kent and was shot dead by police. He had not been the subject of any current police investigations.

PC Keith Palmer, 48, Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt Cochran, 54, were killed on Wednesday, while a 75-year-old man died on Thursday evening.

The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind the attack.



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