Uganda ‘undermines’ Kenya’s plastic bag ban

Kenya’s environment agency has said that the country’s plastic bag ban is being undermined by imports from neighbouring Uganda, Kenya’s privately-owned Daily Nation newspaper reports.

It quotes the agency’s boss, Robert Orina, saying that plastic bags are still finding their way to major towns.

“We have information that some business operators are still getting the commodity in bulk from the neighbouring countries, mainly Uganda, despite the ban that took effect in August 2017,” said Mr Orina.

He added that the ban will continue to be undermined as most countries in the region are still manufacturing plastic bags, making it easy for people to get them.

He said that the main target of the illegal business are small scale traders, who sell goods like vegetables and snacks in small portions.

The ban, which came in force about five months ago, criminalises carrying, selling and manufacturing plastic bags with offenders found guilty risk facing fines of up to $38,000 (£28,000) or prison sentences of up to four years.

The government says the ban will help protect the environment.

But manufacturers of the bags have argued that 80,000 jobs could be lost.


Source: BBC

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