Traders take  over Ashaiman  streets again!



Recalcitrant traders and hawkers along the Ashaiman main traffic light in the Greater Accra Region continue to sell goods and items on the shoulders of roads and payments, despite a warning by the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly for them to vacate the pavements, Today can confirm.


When Today visited Ashaiman yesterday, many of the traders were seen going about their businesses as usual by way of displaying their wares in shops, on the floor, on trucks, wire mesh and on anything that could support their goods.


Today found that goods on display at the various trading centres in Ashaiman included shoes, shirts, trousers, children’s wear, bags and clothes.


Today gathered that activities of the traders who have extended their wares onto pavements and sections of the roads have worsened the traffic situation in Ashaiman, following the increasing number of Christmas shoppers.


Shoppers, Today gathered, are, therefore, compelled under the circumstance to walk on the roads, which situation slows down the movement of vehicles in the area.


Today gathered that the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly has constituted a 30-member taskforce after the incident which occurred on Thursday, July 27, 2018 when the driver of a Kia Rhino ran into some traders and pedestrians on pavements at the Ashaiman market to ensure traders do not sell on the pavements and streets.


But, Today understands that the traders and hawkers have overpowered the taskforce and back to the streets to sell their goods again, thereby putting their lives in danger.


In the wake of this, Today discovered that, the unauthorised parking of vehicles on one part of the Ashaiman main market road had forced motorists to use only middle section of the road.


Today established that the vehicles move at a snail pace when they get to the Ashaiman man traffic.


Today understands that heat of the sun was also adding to the burden of motorists as most of the vehicles do not have air conditioners.


In this regard, the many of the passengers are seen wiping sweat off their bodies occasionally.


The situation was more serious for passengers of commercial vehicles as these kinds of vehicles were not spacious enough for the passengers to stretch their legs to ease the pain of staying too long in traffic.








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