Traders appeal to MCE to lift ban on building of sheds at Kasoa new market

MEMBERS of the Kasoa New Market Traders Association in the Central Region have appealed to Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) in the Awutu Senya East Municipality, Mr. Michael Mensah, to lift ban on building of more sheds at the market without delay.


Speaking to journalists after a crunch meeting by the executive members of the Association last Wednesday, Organiser of the Kasoa New Market Traders Association, Madam Mary Amoashie, noted that their plea has become necessary because the ban was adversely affecting traders in the market.


“We are calling on our MCE to lift the ban on building more sheds at the Kasoa new market for traders because the Association had taken monies from the traders to put up the sheds so the delay in delivering was affecting the leadership of the market adversely as the traders wait impatiently to be allocated with their sheds,” she added.


Already, according to Mrs. Amoashie, the Association has appealed to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Awutu Senya East Constituency, Mrs. Mavis Hawa Koomson, and the MCE to lift the ban but there has not been any positive response to their appeal.


She stated that the distraught traders were currently putting pressure on them to give them sheds making it to look as if the traders’ monies for the project had been embezzled.


She pleaded for the MCE to be allowed to continue with the project so that the traders can get their sheds.


She stated that the executives of the Association have not stolen monies meant for the sheds so the MCE should quickly allow them to complete the project and allocate the sheds to the traders in order for peace to prevail in the market.


“We want to operate the market on daily basis and not on Tuesdays and Fridays alone. So due to that move we need to lift the ban to get more sheds put up for the numerous traders along the roadside who paid for sheds, to be drawn into their sheds for the market to boom on daily basis,” she explained.




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