Totally Ethnik now Nadrey Laurent

Fashion guru and emerging brand, “Totally Ethnik,” has moved into the fashion world, with its new brand name ‘Nadrey Laurent,’ as it launched its debut collections, ‘Colours of the Earth.’

Nadrey Laurent is a story of evolution, whose rebrand was preceded by the launch of ‘colours of the Earth,’ a collection for the summer of 2017.

This collection initiates Nadrey Laurent’s new journey by showcasing its potential to embrace a more unique personality.

It shows the warmth and beauty of the brands persona through colourful prints, orchid appliqués, sequins and other embellishments.

Colours of the Earth resonates from a background of rich and saturated earthy colours of brown, orange, mustard and desert sand expressed in original African fabrics such as batik, faso dan fani mixed with crepe, lace, satin and knit fabric.

“Colours of the Earth” collection revolutionises Nadrey Laurent’s mission to create apparels with appealing inspiration that conveys elegance, luxury and essence.”

The brand currently stocks shops in Accra, Paris, Geneva, Lagos, Abidjan and Kigali and has participated in key fashion shows in Ghana, Belgium, France and Nigeria.

Nadrey in Bété (a language in Cote D’Ivoire) means “My heart, My love” while Laurent means “Father, My Strength, and My Pride.”

It is an African fashion label, based in Accra, Ghana, and began in 2013 by Marie Kipre, a passionate fashion enthusiast who doubles as the brand’s Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


By: Mizpah Etornam Mensavie-Ayivor

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