Togolese Refugees In Ghana Returning Home – Refugee Board

The Ghana Refugee Board has said that some Togolese nationals have returned home after fleeing the country into Ghana to avoid security crackdown.

Hundreds of Togolese crossed the border into Ghana as protesters demand an end to the Gnassingbe dynasty which has lasted for 50 years. The protests turned violent resulting in some deaths.

The Programme Coordinator for the Ghana Refugee Board, Tetteh Paddy said about half of the Togolese refugees have returned home although the political crisis in Togo is not over yet.

“The last check we sent a team up North to go and do verification and registration and we registered 355 [refugees] which meant that many of them have returned. At some point they were about 600,” he said.

NADMO, he disclosed is taking care of the over 300 currently in the country and that the UN refugee organization had been engaged to assist.

“We don’t ask people to return forcefully. We can only encourage them to go back voluntarily,” he stated.


Source: starrfmonline

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