Today salutes all our gallant farmers!

THE first Friday in December every year is a statutory holiday in Ghana. It is a day set aside in this country to celebrate and honour our hardworking famers whose contributions play significant role in the development of Ghana.


SO as usual, on Friday, December 7, hardworking farmers, who had distinguished themselves in their various farming fields and deserving of awards, were rewarded by the government for their efforts.  It was a display of the nation’s appreciation towards their hard work.


TO the national best farmer and all those who won awards, Today says congratulations.  For those who could not win award, we can only wish them better luck next time.


COINCIDENTALLY, the country appears to have bumper harvest in various food crops like plantain, yam, cocoyam, maize and fruits like orange.  And for the lack of modern storage facilities, many of these food crops, especially plantains, are rotting away on farm lands and at various market centres.


INDEED, this development where surplus farm produce are left to rot is indeed sad, more especially when we are oblivious to the fact that there are times when such foods become so very scarce in the country.


WHILE a section of Ghanaians, many of whom are NPP supporters, have attributed the abundance of farm produce on the market to the government’s Planting for Food programme, others believe it is a season for these farm produce.


IN the view of Today, it is good that we are having bumper harvest for many farm produce, albeit regrettable that farmers are not cashing in on the development.  This brings into sharp focus the clarion need for the Akufo-Addo administration to support farmers across the country to acquire storage facilities.


WE cannot keep on allowing surplus farm produce during bumper harvest to go waste when indeed there are measures we can put in place to avert this yearly problem.


IT can be seen that the Planting for Food Programme did encourage more of our youth to go into agriculture.  This perhaps is because a lot more of Ghanaian youth do not find it motivating enough to go into agriculture business, simply because of mindset that it is a profession reserved for our rural folks and uneducated.


THUS, it is about time as a country we worked seriously to disabuse the minds of our youth on this age-old mindset about agriculture.  On this score, Today wants to use this medium to salute all farmers in this country for their relentless efforts in heling to grow our economy.








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