Ti-Kelenkelen: Stop this 21st Century Hitler…! (3)

By Yirenkyi Lamptey


On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced economic sanctions against Iran and, shockingly, threatened that any EU country that protects Iran will also see sanctions.  Can you imagine the audacity of this Nazi?  (Are these men, Trump and his men, misbehaving this way simply because they get (what in diplomacy is called) pensions from Israel and the arms manufacturing companies?)


Pompei and the US Vice President, Mike Pence; together with Trump – these are wayward men, and the tragedy is that they are leaders of a country whose words and deeds have far-reaching ramifications around the world. Ironically that is the very reason they choose to misbehave.  (They are like the wayward men of the Bush Jnr., era – Bush himself, Dick Cheyney, etc.  They are like the wayward men of Nazi German led by Adolf Hitler.)  The question is what is the rest of the world ready to do about Trump and his lot before matters gets out of hand?



When Hitler decided to ignore sane international laws and accords and ride roughshod over Europe, countries, such as Britain, France and later the US, flew banners of liberty from colonisation by Hitler and went to war against him.  That was when Hitler inflicted Holocaust on Jews; one of the reasons for which those European states fought him.  So why is the world silent today when Israel is inflicting “Al Nakhba” (the Catastrophe) on Palestinians?


Today, Trump has put himself exactly where Hitler put himself before occupying Poland.  Hitler said Germany first and used that to violate the rights of other people of the world.  Today, Trump says US first and is using that as reason to violate the rights of other people of the world; or is it actually Israel first and US second.  He is violating all sane international laws and accords even to the chagrin of the US’s own western allies.  Hitler was an opponent of Britain and France at that time.  The US is today the ally of Britain, France, Germany and all other EU countries, but by his decisions Trump has transformed himself into an enemy of the sane, larger free world, including Russia, China and Japan.


As the BBC (on May 16, 2018) reported, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has said the European Union should be grateful to US President Donald Trump, for forcing it to rid itself of all illusions [that Trump will respect them as true allies.]  The report said “speaking to reporters before an EU summit in Bulgaria, [Tusk] accused [Trump] of “capricious assertiveness” in abandoning the Iran nuclear deal and imposing tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.”

To only complain and do nothing to stop bullies like Hitler, Bush and Blair, and Trump only emboldens them.  The EU cannot pretend it cannot see the likeness of Hitler in Trump.  Hence this is the time for the EU, other leading global states and the world to stop this 21st Century Hitler before matters start getting messy.

How do they stop Trump?  Ti-Kelenkelen is neither a politician nor leader of a country.  So let the world leaders decide.  When President Saddam Hussein of Iraq violated international accord on sovereignty by invading Kuwait, US President Bush Snr., took a resolution from the UN and led a coalition of countries to drive him out.  When the countries of Europe delayed in stopping Hitler he caused a most devastating war.  When the world did not stop US President Bush Jnr., and British Premier Tony Blair, the two used a lie to go to war against Iraq.  Today Iraq is still in a mess and yet to recover normalcy on all fronts.  As our African Elders say in Akan: “‘Mehuu ye anka’, ennyeaduru” – ‘Had I known’, it is no medicine (or solution).

No world leader can pretend it is not aware of what Trump has started doing.  Those world leaders that are party to the Iran Nuclear Deal did achieve a great balancing act – allowing Iran to have its right to have civilian nuclear programme while controlling the Iranian government on its nuclear activity in a way that prevents the imposition of international sanctions that hurt the larger population of Iran more than the personalities in her government.  In plain language, after Obama has led the world to achieve that practical yet glorious balance with the Iran Nuclear Deal, the imposition of sanctions is going to hurt more the larger mass of people of Iran, when there is no reason whatsoever for it.


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