‘The World Economy is created and controlled by Cooperating Lords of intelligence’ – President of Distinsa

The President of Distinguished Scholars of Africa, Distinguished Fellow Nana Oppong has hinted that the global economy is not created or run by capital, labour, management or natural resources.


According to him the world economy is created and controlled by cooperating lords of intelligence acting organically as the mind of the earth; as sequenced but impersonal mind of humanity and thereby manifested as the authority in charge of the capacities, the impulses, the preferences and the movements of humanity also known as the economy.


Distinguished Fellow Nana Oppong explained further that in a law ordered world where standards, compliance, licenses and permits with sanctions become inescapable conditions and the prerequisites for the use, the production and the distribution of economic materials and services, legal authority emerges as a necessary and an independent factor of production.


The President of Distinsa gave the hint at the launched of his latest book titled: “Greatest Economic Gift” To Ghana, Africa and the World’ at the Main Auditorium of the Science & Technology Research Institute (STEPRI) in Accra yesterday.


Distinguished Fellow Nana Oppong disclosed that he has come to established that the most important factor of production in postmodern economics is authority. Authority is the mind of humanity in actions on the earth.


Authority, he maintained is more valuable than the other four factors of production combined.


He stated categorically that nations that have no access to or any control or influence over authority therefore, are running economies without a head: blinded and seriously handicapped.


“Authority has the power to create and the power to destroy economies. It all depends on the character of those in the lead. The absence of African and poor nations in the global “Houses of Lords” is therefore, a great contributor to the continuing failures and poverty of the economies of the African and poor nations” this he discribed as a dangerous phenomenon.


Distinguished Fellow Nana Oppong was however, emphatic that no amount of capital raised or no quantities of natural resources deployed can save the economies of those nations that have no share in the global economic authority.


The President of Distinsa noted that the economies of the Africans and of the poor nations are like rickety bamboo houses on sands or as busy feet without brains.


He warned It is about time the poor started taking learned actions to create their authorities to run their economies or in the very least it is time to wisely demand a proportionate share of authority to run their economies.


Economists, lawyers, politicians, chiefs, scholars, priests, artists and all other wise persons who care about the poor must come and work together to ensure that the interest of the poor are justly represented on all global authorities as justice demands. He added.


It is instructive to note that the simplest means for having authority as Africans however is to be one. If you can think of authority as a specie, you have to become a descendant of the specie or become one in order to have authority. This is not work for the selfish, for the impatient, for the sleepy head or for the short sighted. He further explained.


“Rome was not built in a day but it was built. Until the poor have sufficient authority to run their economies in the pursuit of their destines, their economies will always underperform and be incapable of lifting the people from devastating poverty. The Authority have spoken. Peace!” President of Distinsa opined.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

Writer’s Email: franklinadonkoh@gmail.com

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