• You will be better off under PPP

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, a presidential aspirant of PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has promised to make the welfare of teachers a priority as part of its efforts to promote the quality of teaching and learning in the country.

According to the PPP, this is the surest way to maintain the best of brains in the classroom instead of losing them to other sectors of the society to the detriment of education.

“The most intelligent brains must be retained in the classrooms and must be given what it takes to compete with brains in other industries,” the PPP’s educational policy stated.

According to the document, a PPP government would do this by improving upon the motivation given to teachers which the PPP sees as the heart of poor performance of students in the country.

“At the centre of poor performance by students is the issue of inadequate teacher motivation. Low remuneration and poor conditions of service hinder trainers from delivering quality service.”

The motivation, the statement noted, would be in other forms aside from financial rewards and allowances which teachers in the country have always protested as meager.

“[A PPP Government] in addition to financial rewards, [would also embark upon] capacity building training which will be helpful and recipients must justify investments made in them by passing prescribed training tests.

…We need to make our teachers feel proud of their profession rather than perceive it as a means to an end, this remains the only way we can attract more and solve the problem of manpower shortage/inadequacy in this sector.  We must build houses for our teachers as part of improvement in educational facilities countrywide.”

The PPP also hoped to arrest the issue of quality teachers in the country, especially in public primary schools, through an improvement in teacher training colleges.

It also assured of eradicating the public perception that Teacher Training Colleges in the country is a destination for ‘dropouts’ and students who could not make it to other tertiary institutions such as the Polytechnic and the University.

Teacher Training Colleges in the country would be made places of choice instead the position for dropouts.

“The Teaching profession must be made attractive. As a matter of priority, Teacher Training Colleges must not be positioned as a place for dropouts, instead a real PLACE OF CHOICE. The most intelligent brains must be retained in the classrooms and must be given what it takes to compete with brains in other industries,” the PPP stated.

Using Korea as a case study, the party assured Ghanaians of helping to improve upon the quality of education to ensure that products from that sector contributed meaningfully to the economy.

“When we consider the trend in many foreign countries who today, are economically resilient, we learn that they did not only give free compulsory education but they also invested in the human resource who delivers the training – the teachers. In Korea, a four-year educational study at a Teacher’s University is required for those who wish to teach in elementary schools.  We can also upgrade Teacher Training Colleges into universities and improve facilities and equipment. We need to make teaching attractive.”


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