The constitutional crisis was created on December 6 by the EC – Kwaku Azar

An astute lawyer, Kwaku Azar has revealed that the constitutional crisis Ghana is facing now was created on December 6 when the EC issued an unconstitutional directive to some voters to stay away from the parliamentary elections.

According to him the only way to resolve the crisis is obvious. Let the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi otherwise known as (SALL) to vote their member of Parliament before the opening of Parliament, as he suggested on December 6.

“We must resist the temptation to inject partisanship into election rules, requirements, or practices that burden the right to vote” Mr Said this on his social media platform.

“Allowing the EC to decide who can vote in general elections, thereby allowing the EC to determine the Speaker of the chamber, is a precedent that effectively creates a new Republic.

The Justice Minister, charged with defending the Constitution, must be leading this fight. But this is Ghana!” he reiterated.

Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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