Tension Looms In Central Tongu *As DCE stands accused


THE Central Tongu District Chief Executive Boys of the Volta Region have allegedly assaulted Communication Officers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Cacious Enyonyoge Aziedu, and that of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Ernest Holy Sebewu, during a programme on Dela Radio in Adidome.


The incident—which happened on Saturday, August 31, 2019, has since been criticised by many political activists and residents for which many have pointed accusing fingers at the DCE, Mr Thomas Moore Zonyrah, for being the main brain behind the heinous act.

According to sources, on Saturday, 31st August, 2019 the hard working show host, Mr Emmanuel K.M. Atukpa, was in the driving seat, taking charge of the programme.

Our sources explained that the panel on the show included the Communication Officer of NDC, Mr Cacious Enyonyoge Aziedu, and that of the NPP, Ernest Holy Sebewu.

The sources said the show host begun the by interviewing the Administrator of the Business Advisory Centre, Mr Gomashie, on the issue for discussion which was about a project from RTF headquarters.

According to the sources, the host spoke and laid all issues squarely on the DCE to explain as it was him the DCE who handpicked the beneficiaries.

Soon after Mr Gomashie finished with his interview, the show host, according to the sources, put the DCE on air for his side of the issue to the effect that there was no such project ongoing.

Upon this development, the DCE denied and said he knew nothing about the document and asked whether the said document before the show host had his stamp?

The sources asserted that the host further asked him to confirm or deny if actually the contractors were introduced to the beneficiaries who were to benefit from the Rearing for Export and Rural Development Programme.

On that stance the DCE was in a fix, so he started stammering.

Mr Atukpa, Today gathered, proceeded and called Mr Ruben Dorcoo, the Constituency Chairman of the NPP in Central Tongu to ascertain his view on the development.

According to our sources, Mr Dorcoo admitted that he also had the same document with him and was monitoring closely the falsehood the DCE was putting in the public domain.

The sources indicated that Mr Dorcoo was unhappy about how the DCE was conducting himself and questioned why the DCE, Thomas Moore Zonyrah, should pack government intervention meant for developing the whole district in only his hometown without considering the larger scope of the district.

That compelled Mr Dorcoo to bemoan the action of the DCE.


“Soon after he was done with the interview, the party Organiser in the person of John Mawutor Waugh called the radio station to be put on air. He questioned the authority of the chairman to speak on the issue and begun calling him names.”

The party secretary who never represented the party on any radio or TV programme since opposition till now was on air trying to,’ clear his name.’

The secretary, Today understands, denied ever meeting the DCE and the contractors with the beneficiaries who are to benefit from the Rural Enterprise Business Advisory programme.

But, the sources indicated that Mr Kakah Nyanyuie Elliott, the Research and Elections Officer, sharply contradicted what he, the secretary was saying.

Mr Kakah said he was present at that meeting together with Mr Selorm Gakpetor, the District Works Engineer, and the DCE.

He further explained that, after they met with the DCE, his team and some other contractors who were bailed to construct the farm houses to the beneficiaries were asked to meet the beneficiaries for formal introduction.

The sources said the DCE opened up to the show host, Mr Emmanuel K.M. Atukpa, to the effect that indeed the beneficiaries of this support programme were already selected and that the contractors had asked them to look for sites for immediate commencement of the work.

“While the show was still on-going, followers of the DCE in his campaign bid to become the parliamentary candidate of Central Tongu stormed the radio station with well-built men numbered about 20 and ordered the show host to stop the show with immediate effect. He started hitting on the desk amidst shouting,” the sources explained.

In the process, our sources noted that the other panelists on the show with the show host managed to escape but the Communications Officer of the NDC was manhandled and his mobile phone taken away from him.

The sources alleged that underground investigations revealed that, John Mawutor Wugah, a staunch supporter of the DCE, in his bid towards becoming the parliamentary candidate of Central Tongu Constituency was at a funeral when he was called by the DCE to go and disrupt the radio programme.

However, efforts by our reporter to reach the DCE for his reaction proved futile as his mobile phone was off as of the time of going to press.





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