Tension in AngloGold


Information pieced together by Weekend Today points to mounting tension in AngloGold Ashanti (Iduaprime Mine) at Tarkwa in the Western Region over persistent discrimination against Ghanaian top managers.

According to a plausible source, most workers and some individuals in the area are not happy with the fact that Ghanaian managers are always sidelined when it comes to appointing the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director for the Iduaprime Mine even though they are exceptionally qualified.

“Even though we have the requisite competence and qualification for the topmost job, persons are brought from outside to come and manage us here. This is totally unacceptable!” the source said.

Since 2009, expatriates have been appointed to head the facility to the chagrin of their “competent and qualified” Ghanaian counterparts.

Billy Mawasha from South Africa was appointed Managing Director in 2009 and ended his term in 2011.

Secelo Ntuli, also from South Africa, was appointed MD in 2011, and ended his term in 2016

Jasper Musadaidzwa from Zimbabwe took over in 2016 and is expected to end his term by end of 2019.

However, sources within the multi-national mining company told Weekend Today that the Ghanaian top managers, who have been sidelined over the years are resisting attempts to bring in another expatriate to run affairs when Mr Musadaidzwa ends his term later in the year.

“I can tell you that there is uneasy calm among top managers here. This time around, we are not going to allow any foreign person to become MD; we have qualified and top notch Ghanaian professionals who can equally to do the job,” the source added.

According to our sources, the Ghanaian managers are upset with the fact that top managers within AngloGold subsidiaries in other countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe always resist attempts to bring Ghanaian MDs to manage them.

“Our colleagues in other African countries don’t accept Ghanaian as MDs. Why? Are they better than us?,” an employee queried.

According to the said employee, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, these negative developments make nonsense of the local content policy that government officials have been trumpeting in the oil and mining sectors.

Meanwhile, chiefs and elders of Apinto Divisional Council, custodians of Tarkwa lands, have also expressed concern over the persistent discrimination against Ghanaians even though the profitable mine is situated on the land.

They believe AngloGold Ashanti must make conscious efforts to let Ghanaians run affairs of the company to boost confidence in the local people.

In a statement, they warned that they will do everything possible to make local indigenes and Ghanaians for that matter occupy the topmost positions in the company.





Story: Ato KEELSON

Writer’s email: denniskeelson@yahoo.co.uk


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