Tension in Doblo Peace Village after shooting of elder by assailant 

Tension is brewing in Ayikai Doblo, a fast growing community in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, following the shooting of Nii Amu Dodoo, the allodia title caretaker of landed properties in the area.

According to sources, Nii Amu Dodoo, who has been given the power of attorney by the elders of Ayikai Doblo under the Akumanjen Royal Stool in Ga Mashie over Ayikai Doblo Stool, was fired upon on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 around 8 o’clock in the evening in his Kia Rio vehicle with registration number DV 15-18.

The unfortunate incident, which occurred at Ayikai Doblo Peace Village near Pure Water Factory, has created fear and panic in the area.

Narrating his ordeal to Today in an interview yesterday, Nii Amu Dodoo wondered why assassins would want to take his life when he went to his site to inspect ongoing building projects.

He alleged that the assailants who were armed with offensive weapons shot him through the back windshield of his car but “God being so good the live bullets did not hit me which saw them sped off.”

Nii Amu Dodoo claimed that the attack on his life was as a result of his continuous court case victories over the legitimacy of the Ayikai Doblo Peace Village lands.

He indicated that the attack was the third in recent times to be visited upon him.

“Their target was to kill me that day but l managed to speed off. So when l got home at Solution in Ga Central Municipality and checked my car l noticed that my car was severely damaged with live gun shot bullets with the eight gun shot signs on the back of my car which l bought GH¢ 55,000 last year,” he lamented.

Nii Amu Dodoo further disclosed that he has since been living in fear, adding that “My life is in danger.”

According to him, he had had to abandon his own house for fear of being killed by the hired thugs.

“Although l lodged a complaint with the Odorkor District Police Command in Accra yesterday, I am still scared!”

“…I cannot even go to my ancestral lands at Ayikai Doblo Peace Village because the hired thugs are still looking for me. I am scared the thugs will come after me and kill me,” Nii Dodoo III scarily told Today.

To this end, Nii Amu Dodoo appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr David Asante-Apeatu, for immediate police protection.




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