“Tell all your families back home to vote for Nana Addo” -NPP Middle East Branch Chairman appeals to Ghanaians In Gulf States

The Chairman of the Middle East Branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr. Isaac Osea is urging all Ghanaians living in the Gulf States to call their families back home to vote massively for the NPP presidential candidate, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo come December 7 polls.

According to Mr. Osea, President Akufo Addo’s administration had brought a lot of relief to all Ghanaians both home and abroad especially those residing in the Gulf States.

Speaking in an interview via phone, the NPP Middle East Branch Chairman pointed out that the president’s rapid response to the pleas of numerous Ghanaians in the Arab Gulf who became stranded and helpless due to the pandemic was a mark of a good leadership.

“His prompt response to evacuate these people back home really brought a relief for many who had no hope of survival in the Arab Gulf and their families in Ghana,” he noted.

Mr. Osea argued that under the Nana Addo led government the hitherto complains of molestation and abuses of Ghanaian migrants in the Arab Gulf has seen a steep decline though not eliminated.

He claimed that giving Nana Addo and the NPP another four year term will finalise the standard protocols that will regulate the Arab Gulf migration as other nations have done to bring to a perpetual end of such I’ll treatments.

“Ghanaians have to renew the mandate of Nana Addo and the NPP to continue its unprecedented infrastructural development the country has witnessed in his first term as president and the heartwarming social interventions that has been implemented across the country,” Mr. Osea reiterated.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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