Teenager produces movie dubbed ‘Hours to Graduate’

Since the introduction of telenovelas in the country, most industry players have been crying foul for what they call a dead movie industry but whether or not we have a dead industry, a teenager has started the year in an unbelievable way blowing the minds of the old.

19-year-old level 200 student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism Vendy Asamoah’s name will go into the history books of Ghana as the first teenager to produce her own movie.

The movie titled Hours to Graduate produced by the bubbling teenager which talks about what happens in the tertiary institutions capturing the life of a final year student who is just about wrapping up the four year academic calendar which is yet to be shown in various campuses across the country.

Speaking to Vendy, who is also the co-writer of the script said she is very thankful and pleased to have done such work to inspire the youth and forth coming generation,” well, in as much as there are lots of humor, it touches on issues such as true friendship and inferiority after teenage baby delivery” she added.

The movie sees some great talents like Jess Haddarah of Bambini show fame among others.



Source: sokystar.com

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