T’di Port receives largest cargo vessel


The Port of Takoradi has hit a major milestone in terms of its capacity to receive larger cargo vessels.


The port, on three consecutive times and by incremental volumes of storage capacity, has had ships call into its anchorage to load and export manganese to China and other countries.


The latest and record breaking is the MV Semirio of 290 metres length and destined for China, has been loading 175,000 metric tonnes of manganese at the port.


According to port authorities, MV Semirio was likely to set sail to its destination yesterday.


Head of Marketing and Public Affairs at the Port of Takoradi, Peter Amoo-Bediakoh, argued that this development was a testament to the safety and opportunities at the port.


“This operation is a testament to the fact that the port’s limits are very safe as compared to our neighbouring ports, and that ship operations can occur,” he stated.


“So far within the first three months of 2019, we’ve handle three of such vessels; the first -Genco Claudius- came in and loaded 166,000 metric tonnes in January, second came in and loaded 175,000 metric tonnes, and this is the third.


…And as we speak, there’s another vessel waiting-Bulk Integrity, which is coming to load 175,000 tonnes. So in all we realise that for the first three months, we have handled close to 700,000 metric tonnes of cargo,” Mr Amoo-Bediako disclosed.


Mr Amoo-Bediako emphasised that the feat was remarkable, as it contributed to the port’s traffic, and ultimately the finances of the organisation.


“If you look at the fact that last year, manganese export jumped from 2 million metric tonnes to 4.2 million metric tonnes… and the 4.2 million was 48 per cent of our total traffic. And with regard to export, that was 76 per cent of our exports, and when you look at the way we’ve started, this year, it is an indication- yes- our exports are going to go up, and total traffic, all things being equal, are going to go up. And it will impact positively on the financial fortunes of the Port of Takoradi, GPHA and Ghana as a whole,” he reiterated.


Mr Amoo-Bediako continued that the port was a preferred shipping destination in the sub-region, and that they will work to improve service delivery for their stakeholders.


“We have positioned ourselves not only to serve the manganese or the export markets but all the markets- the traditional cargo, oil and gas, the bulk cargo, the general cargo that we handle,” Mr Amoo Bediako stressed.







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