Support your children —Parents urged

Education Consultant and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Everythings Education, Elaine Cunningham Walker, has advised parents to support the passion of their children.

She said this would assist children in realising their dreams.

“What parents need to do is to support the passion of their children, because once you’ve got the passion to do something in particular and you’ve got your parents to support, you can achieve anything and I think that’s what’s ultimately important,” she said.

Ms Cunningham Walker made this counsel at the “British Boarding School Expo” in Accra.

The aim of the event was to enlighten parents regarding boarding education abroad, where children can study abroad, and come back to effect change.

“Children come to the United Kingdom (UK) and then they go on to the university and then they come back to Ghana to implement change. Our services stop when you finish university and you going into your first job which would be in Ghana.

“Everythings Education Foundation takes children, partners with schools and we get private investors to fund the fees and also the family can fund what they can afford,” she explained.

She said this move was not to downplay the standard of education in the country but rather to open more opportunities for them.

She explained that “Ghanaians in the diaspora didn’t understand boarding school or the route to boarding school so I started partnering with schools in the UK.

“I hope to change the mindset of what Ghanaians think boarding school in the UK is like and also let them understand that there are standards that we care about their children.”

She added that clients with a military background may get the ministry of defence to sponsor their education. As well as those with sports, drama, music and art backgrounds who are bright may also get scholarships from relevant quarters.

On the government’s new educational double-track policy, she said: “every country has the own way they run their education, and if the government feels that’s the way to go, then we try it out.”



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