Suame residents angry with Osei–Kyei Mensah-Bonsu

Residents of Suame, Maakro and Bremang all in the Suame Constituency in the Ashanti Region have vowed to vote against Member of Parliament (MP)for the area Mr. Osei  Kyei-Mensah- Bonsu in the next Parliamentary elections.

The angry people in the Constituency said, the Majority Leader in Parliament has continuously disappointed them and can’t boast of any development project in the area having led the constituency for close to Twenty-four (24 years).

According to them, Mr. Kyei-Mensah’s failure to develop the Suame Constituency clearly shows  “he has ‘’absolutely nothing’’ to offer them and that they are ready to show him the exit in the next parliamentary elections and give the Suame seat to someone who would listen to their concerns and as well better their lives with better roads and other social amenities”.

The longest-serving ( MP) had said over the weekend in Tamale that ‘’ MPs are not aganets of development”.

He indicated that the President, Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies and sector ministers are the only mandated bodies to provide development across the country.


He further explained the roles of a parliamentarian stressing they are not agents of development and however advised voters to stop judging their MPs based on number of roads they fix.

His comment seemed to have infuriated the people of Suame who told journalists they will ‘’massively vote against him and bring someone who can develop the constituency like Honorable Muntaka has done for the Asokore Mampong Constituency.


‘’They said ‘’since when did Osei Kyei- Mensah realize that it’s not the role of Parliamentarians to develop their respective constituencies. So he knew that and decided to lie to us when he was campaigning that we should vote for him to fix our bad roads and also build more schools to develop the Suame Constituency ‘’.

‘’If with his experience in politics he can’t lobby for any developmental projects as and the young MP’s are doing then he’s telling us he can’t lead us again so we are prepared to show him the exit in 2020’’.

‘’Well if he has now made it clear to us that it is not his sole duty to development the constituency and that the President, Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies and sector ministers are the only mandated bodies to do so then we will teach him a bitter lesson by voting him out. Kyei-Mensah shouldn’t make any attempt to seek for reelection because if he does we the people of Suame will show him cannot be fooled’’

‘’It would have been prudent if he had accepted that he has failed us and apologized to us than making such comment to make us angrier. Don’t we have MP’s who have really developed their constituencies or he Kyei-Mensah Bonsu is different from them.’’ they concluded.


Story: James APPIAKORANG JR, Kumasi, Ashanti Region

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