Stray pigs invade communities of Ga South Municipality

The movement of stray pigs in major residential areas within the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra Region is becoming a nuisance and a serious threat to the lives of residents, Today has gathered.

Today’s finding revealed that communities including New Weija, Ayigbe Town, Tettegu, Broadcasting, Tuba, Krokobite, SCC, Aplaku and Gbawe are slowly becoming unpleasant.

The strays pigs, which are dangerous animals and are supposed to be kept in a fenced makeshift structure, Today discovered, have wandered about freely without any action by the Ga South Municipal Assembly to enforce the law to prosecute owners of the pigs in these communities.

A visit by Today to these communities on Friday, February 9, 2018 showed that majority of the residents were not happy about the free movement of the pigs because they have been attacking innocent residents, particularly children.

They blamed the Environmental Health Department of the Ga South Municipal Assembly for not putting in place stringent measures to prosecute the owners of the pigs for letting their pigs roam about freely in these communities, although they had officially reported the mayhem the pigs were causing to the residents and properties in these areas to the Assembly.

Many of the residents who spoke in an interview with Today described the free movement of the pigs as “appalling and life-threatening” and called on the government to come their aid since they are living in the state of fear.

Aside from the threat by the movement of pigs in these areas, the residents also complained bitterly about the free movement on the major streets of stray cattle.

Often, the residents noted that the cattle are without any herdsmen accompanying them, adding that they cross the streets, leaving trails of their dung behind.

They pointed out that drivers are oftentimes left with no option than to slow down and manoeuvre.

“It’s a great source of worry to us here in these communities. It is not in these towns only that we have such nuisance.

“As you observe yourself, the rearing of cattle in such busy towns like Ga South Municipality has the tendency of increasing road accidents and leading to deaths. So it is a great source of worry and a concern for us as residents, a resident at Weija Ayigbe Town told Today.

Another male resident at Gbawe expressed: “I remember there was this time at Mallam Junction Market and Tuba Junction in Accra, when these cattle were moving aimlessly around without supervision.

He asserted that the cattle didn’t have any herdsman accompanying them and it was frustrating because they caused a huge traffic.

“I am scared of them because I felt they will hurt somebody and they were defecating around causing a lot of mess,” she lamented.

The residents therefore, stressed the need for the city authorities to enforce the bye-laws to clamp down on the practice.

Meanwhile, Today’s finding at the Environmental Health Department of the Ga South Municipal Assembly has showed that its efforts to prosecute owners of these stray cattle have consistently been hindered by top personalities within the Ga South Municipality who usually intercede when they are arrested.

Although the law permits the Ga South Municipal Assembly Environmental Health Officers to prosecute owners of stray animals, Today established that they were yet to prosecute anybody with stray animals.



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