‘Stop parading yourself as chief of James Town’; But accuser denies allegation

Principal elders of Sackey, Solomon, Odametey and their allied families of Adanse Divisional Stool of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area in James Town, Accra, have cautioned Mr. Robert Affla Sackey, who, according to the, was holding himself as the Chief of Adanse Division under the Stool name, Nii Sackey Akumia VI, to desist from such an act.

According to them, failure on the part of Nii Sackey Akumia VI to heed their warning will incur their wrath. They noted that the conduct of Nii Sackey Akumia VI and his followers was brewing tension and confusion in James Town.


“It has come to our attention that one Nii Sackey Akumia VI, also known as Robert Affla Sackey, is describing himself in public as the Chief (Mantse) of Adanse Divisional Stool, Acting Head (Dzaasetse) to Ngleshie Alata Paramount Royal Stool and Head of Nii Wetse Kojo family.


“…the above mentioned families wish to inform the general public that the Adanse Quarter from time immemorial never had a chief and there is nobody in these families with the name Nii Sackey Akumia VI,” the families stressed.


The warning was stated in a strong worded-statement jointly signed and issued by the only surviving granddaughter of Tsie Agyiri, Mrs. Florence Naa Achawaa Okine, representative of Sackey Family, Mr. Emmanuel Quarcoopome Sackey, representative of Solomon family, Mr. Benjamin Sackey, and representative of Odametey family, Madam Dinah Nadzaa Mensah.


The one-page statement, which was copied to Today, called on the public to refrain from dealing with him.

Additionally, the statement said: “We the said families are, therefore, advising the general public to note of their stance accordingly.”

The statement further warned individuals and organisations that are dealing with the said Nii Sackey Akumia IV and his associates to be mindful of their dealings since every transaction with them other than the accredited and principal elders of the above mentioned families at Adanse Division was fraudulent.


However, when contacted by Today on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Nii Sackey Akumia VI shot down all the claims by the representatives of the three families.


He dared his accusers to provide historical and traditional background of their lineage to the Adanse Divisional Stool if indeed they have any locus and capacity to challenge his chieftaincy status as the substantive Chief of Adanse Divisional Stool in James Town.


Nii Sackey Akumia VI explained that he was legally and customarily installed by the accredited kingmakers, Stool fathers and elders of Adanse Divisional Stool in 1998 to ascend the throne to succeed the late substantive Chief of Adanse Division, Major Sackey Akumia V, who died in 1995.


“So the long standing claims by these persons, particularly Madam Florence Naa Achawaa Okine, who is my direct Aunt who was among the accredited elders and kingmakers of the Adanse Divisional Stool who legally and traditionally installed me as the Chief has no logical reasons and proofs.


“…I want to state on records that my Aunty, Madam Florence Naa Achawaa Okine, who is a 90-year-old woman, has decided to team up with members of the Solomon and Odametey families who are strangers to the Adanse Divisional Stool to fight against my legitimacy and capacity.


“This is because of the ownership claim of landed properties our grandfather, Mr. J.E. Sackey, left behind for the Sackey family of Adanse Division in James Town, Accra. But I will never, at any point in time, leave these properties to them. Because the law court in its judgement gave these properties to my late grandfather,” Nii Sackey Akumia VI further explained.


He described the allegations as “complete fabrication, calculated by these persons to just soil my hard-won chieftaincy and traditional reputation” and called on Ghanaians to treat them with the contempt they deserve.



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