Stop abuse of tramadol —Prestea youth advised

Prestea Youth Council of Churches (PYCC) in the Prestea-Huni Valley District of the Western Region at the weekend embarked on what they termed “Operation save our youth from tramadol abuse.”

The programme—which spanned from September 28 to 30th September, 2018 was in three phases: visitation to perceived wee bases; float through principal streets of Prestea, and talks.

In general, the programme achieved its desired results as scheduled.

The programme was climaxed at Nsuekyir-Krootown funeral ground, where staff from Prestea Government Hospital gave extensive education on the “effects of tramadol abuse.”

Addressing students of Prestea Senior High Technical School, and other youth from Prestea, the Senior Medical Superintendent of Prestea Government Hospital, Dr Darko, said “side effects of drugs like tramadol, which include “perceived” sexual strength, and keeping you awake for long time” has now been the main reason for its abuse, however, the main use of tramadol was to release extreme pain.

He warned that “damage that the drug causes on its abuses can lead to their eventual death, it is addictive.”

“Tramadol has epileptic effect; can cause cardiac arrest; causes brain damage; development of defective children; infertility; pneumonia; acute renal failure,” Dr Darko added.

He said, “tramadol, apart from its health hazards, can lead to many social menace: armed robbery; road accident; assault.”

He further stated that “Ayaresabea, that nomenclature is bad. Not only sick people should come to hospital. Students, come to us if you need any information,” Dr Darko recommend.

A Pharmacist at the Prestea Government Hospital, who also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New SAMKWAT Pharmaceuticals, Mr Samuel Arthur, said, “our laws in Ghana are flexible. Our borders are porous, hence the influx of “illegal” drugs into the country.

The “tramadol being abused are not the ones recommended by GHS. They are fake ones produced by neighbouring countries and smuggled into the country,” Mr Arthur warned.

The Assembly member for Nsuekyir Krootown Electoral Area, Mr Emmanuel Ennor Arthur, advised the youth…“you must not make the dream of your parents come to naught.”

The Chairman for Prestea Urban Council, Mr Rash Katu Dargarti, said that “the youth are future leaders, so must stop abuse of tramadol.”

Meanwhile, Mr Ocansey, a staunch Methodist Church leader in Prestea, has created a rehabilitation centre that has “successfully turned toy soldiers of Prestea into Team Soldiers for Christ.”





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