Stop this 21st Century Hitler…! (2)

Today, the State of Israel has more than 82% of the land of the State of Palestine, and Palestine is restricted to less than 18% of their own land.  And Israel, Britain and the US are asking the world to accept that state of affairs. 

That is seriously funny, because Jews (Israelis) suffered a Holocaust at the hands of Hitler, and almost all the countries of today’s world (at a point in time) suffered colonisation.  So all can clearly understand the suffering of today’s Palestinians.  (Holocaust is how Hitler’s Nazis committed crimes against humanity against Jews during World War II.  And so Ti-Kelenkelen ever wondered how Jews could today be committing crimes against humanity against Palestinians.)

And now here is Trump insisting Israel can take all of Jerusalem by colonising the half that belongs to Palestine.  If Trump married his daughter off to a Jew, that is fine, the two have the right to choose each other for love.  But that is no excuse for the world to sit by and watch Trump do what sane international law and accords say is wrong.  To reduce the entire complex matter to the very creature it is: Why should Palestinians be the ones to suffer simply because Britain went for loans from rich Jews and Trump decided to marry off his daughter to a Jew?

If many countries, including NATO allies, the EU, signed the Nuclear Deal with Iran and set up a group to monitor Iran’s nuclear programme, it is because of several reasons.  One, nuclear has non-weapon application – for generating electricity.  There is no international law barring any country from having a nuclear programme.  Three, it was to ensure that no one violates the right of Iran (on two) and yet ensure it does not develop a nuclear weapon that countries party to the Nuclear Deal asked the IAEA to monitor her programme.  And four, and this is the crux of the matter, it was to ensure the lifting of economic sanctions that was hurting the innocent people of Iran more than the personalities in its government.

Now it is clear that the problem is not that Trump does not understand that, but it is Israel pushing him to jeopardise the Deal, because Israel is afraid of an Iran with nuclear capability.  President Barack Obama refused to allow Israel to push him around.  Why should Iran forgo an internationally-recognised right simply because Israel is in mass violation of the rights of Palestinians (for 70 years and counting)?  Ironically, Israel, behaving like the macho of the Middle East is, to call the creature by name, actually afraid of Iran.  And then what happened to the West’s own concept that when all of us have nuclear weapons, the sheer broad possession of it acts as deterrent to its use?  The world cannot allow the US unilaterally decide who enjoys an international right.  Indeed, Iran with nuclear capability will stop Israel from committing those crimes against humanity against Palestinians; that will make the Middle East a safer place.

Iran Remains Faithful

According to an international news agency, “Trump called the Iran Nuclear Deal ‘decaying and rotten’ saying it is ‘an embarrassment’ to him ‘as a citizen.’  As usual Trump is talking about what is in only his mind rather than the reality; as if the world should revolve only when he speaks.  That for Ti-Kelenkelen is a sure sign that certain creature is after him or a faceless someone is holding a reputation-devastating something over his head and his life.  What did Trump do as a younger man that someone is using to entrap him into misbehaving this badly in ways that is jeopardising the lives of so many people around the world?  The problem is whether the rest of the world is going to watch his misbehaviour run its full course; it will only worsen already bad global problems.

Soon after the Trump announcement, a BBC defence analyst and diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus, wrote that “with a stroke of his pen President Trump has jeopardised the one agreement… that seeks to constrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions…  He has put US diplomacy on a collision course with some of Washington’s closest allies.  And some fear that he may have brought a new and catastrophic regional war in the Middle East that much closer.”

International news reports said: “The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, threatened to pull his country out of the Deal,” but that will be playing Trump’s game and damaging the international good will Iran now counts on.  As long as Iran stays in the Deal, all countries will continue seeing the lawlessness of Trump’s action.  If Iran pulls out, Russia, EU countries and China and Japan will no longer be under pressure to compel, yes, compel the US to give up its position.  What Iran should do is what she, through her Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has done – giving the EU countries conditions based on the Deal and asking her to protect Iran from sanctions unilaterally imposed by Trump.

The good news so far is that the EU has affirmed its commitment to the Nuclear Deal.

According to international news reports: “The European Union has moved to reassure Iran it remains committed to the nuclear deal, despite Donald Trump‘s decision to withdraw the US from the accord and re-impose sanctions on the Islamic republic.  The European commissioner for energy and climate, Miguel Arias Canete, said the 28-nation bloc [EU], once the biggest importer of Iranian oil, also hope(s) to boost trade with Tehran.  [On the Saturday after the US pulled out, he said in Tehran, Iran], ‘We have sent a message to our Iranian friends that as long as they are sticking to the agreement the Europeans will … fulfil their commitment…  We will try to intensify our flows of trade that have been very positive for the Iranian economy.’  Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France have also affirmed EU’s commitment to the Deal.

The Iranian nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, said, “His country hope(s) the EU would manage to salvage the 2015 deal, in which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of most Western sanctions.  ‘We hope their efforts materialise,’


Article: Ti-Kelenkelen with Yirenkyi LAMPTEY

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