Stop this 21st Century Hitler…! (1)

On May 9, 2018 Al Jazeera, just as the other international news agencies, reported to the world that USA President, Donald Trump, has refused to renew the US’s commitment to the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Few days later, on May 14, 2018, he allowed the opening of a (consulate converted into) new US embassy in Jerusalem on the notion that that city is the single, undivided capital of the state of Israel. 

Both decisions and incidents violate sane international agreements and accords and, more importantly, sane rules for the living together of human beings in a civil community called the world.

The European Union, a group that includes some of the world’s most powerful states and which is a key party to the Iran Nuclear Deal, has so far only protested asking the US to back-track.  All countries of the world through the UN are parties to a commitment affirming a two-state solution where both Israel and Palestine exist as separate states with Jerusalem as a shared capital, yet all they have done, some of them, is only to also protesting, verbally.  Both responses are unfortunate in a world where there are sane rules of behaviour for all countries, large or small.  And further delay in stopping Trump could lead the world to making of him another Hitler.



During the US presidential campaign 2016, Trump actually promised to cancel the Iran Nuclear Deal whose set-up was led and achieved by his predecessor, President Barack Obama.  Trump also promised to move the US embassy from the present capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem.

While Trump sounded ignorant about the way things work in the real world, most world leaders and global-affairs analysts now appear to have thought that once he arrived at the White House, Washington D.C., the structured way of doing things on the world stage and internal US political mechanisms would make him realise the foolishness of some of the promises he had made during the campaign; and then he would back-track.  Now it is clear that those leaders and analysts were wrong.

In the light of the way Trump carried himself and what he promised during the campaign, visa-a-vis his statements and intentions and actions in the world today, other things he said and promised to do when he became president are beginning to make sense.  He insisted that the US’s North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) friends must also be prepared to share the cost of keeping the organisation alive.  He also insisted he will withdraw US funding to the United Nations Organisation (UN) and so all countries should be prepared to share the cost of running the global organisation.

When Trump made those statements about sharing the cost of running NATO and the UN, Ti-Kelenkelen wondered what he was up to.  Because there is a fundamental reason why the US funds those organisations and so any US president and the entire government machinery of that country know the implications of withdrawing its funding from those agencies.  And so, even during the campaign, Ti-Kelenkelen’s position was that Trump was either stupid or up to something.


The US, more than any country, puts more money into the UN and NATO simply as part of its international self-declared job to play what US media has termed globocop.  Second, it puts more money into the NATO fund, because it sees itself as the leader of a Western hegemony that represents the so-called free world.  Ti-Kelenkelen uses so-called because one, most of the things the US does is to deny freedom to other countries in the world, and two, its government allows US multi-national arms manufacturing companies to use her soldiers as guinea pigs during war, such as the one they fought in Iraq.

To call the creature by name, however, no one asked the US to appoint itself leader of a Western hegemony or play globocop; it was her own choice.  And the US took those decisions so that she will always be everywhere and – as they say on the streets of the US – be in everybody else’s business; she has cast herself in the physical version of the role of George Orwell’s Big Brother (1984).  US Presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, realised not only the cost but also the moral obligation such foreign policy imposes on the US as the one that has placed itself in that position; even President George Bush Snr. did to a certain extent.

The problem with Trump is that he wants to have the position and yet forgo the moral impositions that come with it in the context of that very larger world.  Those moral impositions are the sane rules spelt out by international laws and standing accords that inure to the common good of all states and people without division.

Yet it is now obvious that when he said NATO allies must share the agency’s running cost and all other countries must share the cost of running the UN, he was preparing the minds of the world so that as president he will still be leader of the hegemony and globocop, pretend someone asked the US to play those roles and forget about the moral impositions that nevertheless come with the roles.  As a candidate, Trump made those threats about withdrawing US funding to the two agencies, so that, today, as president, as he violates international accords everyone, including her own powerful NATO allies, will be squeamish and let him have his way.  He is exactly the mould of the bully, who always begins with threats.  But to threaten her own NATO allies, well…  That re-affirms the fact that he is a moron.

Prior to 1948 there was no country in the world called Israel, and so Britain went for a loan from the Jews to fight two so-called World Wars.  Before the first war Britain promised to help them get a state in the world.  History shows that the Jews rejected a portion of Kenya when Britain offered it and insisted on Palestine.  So Britain and the US conspired and used the UN as a front to take 18% of the State of Palestine and gave it to create the state of Israel.


 Article: Ti-KelenKelen with Yirenkyi Lamptey

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