Step-siding Environmental Health Officers In the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic Cause Of The Astronomical Raise In Community Spread

The Environmental Health Officers Alliance-Ghana (EHOA-GH) has said government is playing with the fight against the novel corona virus. Saying government has failed to use the right professional to lead the fight against the pandemic.

According to the EHOA-GH the cause of the astronomical raise in Community Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic and its attending deaths is that the government has step-side Environmental Health Officers who are the Preventive Health Professionals in both decision making and implementation.

Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent, Franklin ASARE-DONKOH, the National President of EHOA-GH, Mr. Yaw Akwaa Lartey explained that government is rather relaying on the Curative Health Professionals (Medical Doctors, Nurses and other health workers) to fight COVID-19 Pandemic instead of the Preventive Health Professionals.

“If the government truly wants to fight the coronavirus and win, which amongst the two Health Professionals it must use in eradicating or curbing Community Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic” He queried.

The health ministry and the presidency have lost sight that Curative Health Professionals work in the hospitals and other health facilities whilst the Preventive Health Professionals works in the Community. He said.

Some members of EHOA-GH.

According to Mr. Akwaa Lartey, his association wrote to government reminding her of their existence when the National COVID-19 Working Team was formed without anybody from EHOA-GH.

We called for immediate inclusion of our members into the COVID-19 Working Team right from the national, regional to the district level and also advised government on the needed things to do in curbing the Community Spread of COVID-19 in Ghana but nothing has been done about it meanwhile cases are raising each and every day in our communities. The National President of EHOA-GH disclosed.

“Now the cases are becoming greater day by day. The Health Professionals who have been hailed always as Front line Health Workers are rather getting the infections simple because they don’t adhere to the Hygiene Protocols.

They can’t protect themselves because they only learnt the Shallow Basic Hygiene during their training at School.” Mr. Akwaa Lartey reiterated.

According to him, Environmental Health Officers are the Public Health Law Enforcement Agents which Educate and Enforce National and Local Authority Bylaws in the entire 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) have been sidelined completely in fight against COVID-19 Pandemic.

“EHOA-GH has said and will continue to say that government is playing with COVID-19 Pandemic thus failing to use the right professionals in the education and enforcement of hygiene protocols in our dear country.

Ghana is sitting on a time bomb as infectious cases will rise exponentially in the coming days ahead.” Mr. Akwaa Lartey noted.


Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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