Stay positive even in ‘stormy’ situations


Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie, has revealed the reason behind his successful musical career.

Addressing thousands of youth gathered on the first day of the 2019 International Youth Empowerment Summit (IYES) at the National Theatre, Accra, the Adonai hit-maker said the only thing that had kept him through life’s darkest moment was a mindset of positivity.

“I had this picture of Sarkodie in my mind even when I was Michael Owusu Addo living with somebody at Mile 7, I knew I would be successful, so when people ask me, Sarkodie, how are you able to have this great appeal even after 10 years, I always tell them, I feel like that, I believe that and I know there is something working which is bigger than me,” he said.

Admitting the difficulty young people may face in life because of pressures from social media, Sarkodie said: “For what we see on social media, on television, it is hard for us to really concentrate and I get it but if you are positive and sure of yourself, you won’t be moved by that,” he said.

He said, being sure and positive of yourself may be construed by many as a show of arrogance or pride but that should not deter one from self-belief nonetheless.

He adds that though there may be stormy times, believing there’s a way to deal with the storm, as shared by his mother some years ago remains the only way to go.

“My mum taught me that regardless the storm there is always a way to move pass that,” he said.

He advised the youth to avoid people who only see and speak negativity and surround themselves with those who are optimistic and see the good in every situation.

“Keep good company and see the good in every situation and try as much as possible to draw closer to God,” he advised.

The 2019 International Youth Empowerment is scheduled from August 21- August 23 with a morning and evening session each day.


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