Stay healthy and safe –First Lady to mothers

Wife of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has called on all mothers to take up responsibility for their health and wellbeing and that of their children particularly as is expected of them.

The first lady in her message to Ghanaian mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day which occurred yesterday, encouraged women who she described as ‘unique figures’ and ‘God’s gift to the family’ to maintain healthy lifestyle practices to ensure they are healthy and [also] protect their children.

Highlighting breastfeeding, antenatal checks, vaccinations and constant breast checks as vital factors in reducing the high rate of mother-child mortality in the country, she urged mothers to be exceptionally critical and particular about their health status.

“Breast and cervical cancer are known to be the leading cause of cancer deaths for women. But early detection and treatment save lives. Please examine your breast every month and immediately see a doctor when you notice any changes in your breast and undertake regular checks for cervical cancer.”

“As an advocate for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, I urge every pregnant woman to know her HIV status. With early diagnoses and treatment, babies can be prevented from being infected with HIV from an HIV positive mother during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also, mothers affected can live long healthy and happy lives, to care for their children and families”.

She also urged all mothers to champion the course of ‘girl-child’ education and ensure that all their children are very well educated.

“It should be the delight of every mother to see their children get an education to give them equal advantage in a global space. We as mothers must see to it that our children, especially our girls go to school and stay in school,” the message said.



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