State burial for Asore

Reverend Dr Simon Bamalong Asore, former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God (AG), Ghana, who passed on to glory on November 14, last year, will be given a befitting state burial.

The one-time member of the Council of State will be laid in state at the forecourt of the State House, Osu, for a burial service on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

Disclosing details of the funeral arrangements to newsmen, Rev. Harry Insaidoo, chairman of the funeral planning committee, said the service was expected to be attended by the President, ministers of state and ministers of religion, Members of Parliament (MPs) and the clergy from all denominations.

Among the large number of clergymen and women will be several hundred from West Africa where the denomination has a population of three million worshippers.


In life, Rev. Asore served on the Board of the West African Assemblies of God Fellowship.


Worldwide, among the AG’s 79 million congregation, the late Ghanaian clergyman was a respected elder.


On Sunday, January 20, 2019 a memorial service will be held for him at the Jehovah Shammah Assemblies of God at Ashongman Estate.


Rev. Insaidoo, who served as Assistant General Superintendent during Rev. Asore’s tenure, described him as a man of integrity, beside his proverbial humility.


“As General Superintendent, while many people thought he would pay greater attention to churches in the cities, where obvious men and women of influence were, Rev. Asore spent more time with churches in the villages.


Wherever he preached and was given an honorarium, he always returned it to the assembly,” Rev. Insaidoo stated.





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